Kevin Lamerton

Kevin has a vast breadth of experience in martial arts. He has trained in many styles including Tai Kwon Do, PMA Kung Fu / kickboxing, Capoeira, Shaolin Kickboxing, Thai boxing and K1, Judo, BJJ and even fencing. Kevin has also trained under 4 different JKD instructors with clear lineage to Bruce Lee.


In addition Kevin has competed in multipule tornements of different styles including Doce Pares - resulting in a number of gold, silver and bronze medals. 


During the White JKD grading in December 2016 Kevin joined the instructor team as a Assistant Instructor, and In October 2017 successfully took his Black Belt Grading in WHITE JKD.

Face to face has restarted! 

Thursday 20th May saw the start of our return to normal training. Thursday sessions are following the hall and government guidelines. Although limited in class sizes, it is great to see every week fully booked. This will continue up to and including 15th July. 


From Tuesday 20th July we hope to be back training on the Tuesday sessions too.


Watch this space for more information 


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